Adventures in Big Bear

Last night we ventured over to the grand opening for Fawnskin residents Cindy and Louis, owners of the Serenity Place Gallery. Although we loved the Big Bear City’s unique location, the move the village looks like it will prove to be a very good one. There were many regular supporters and even some new faces at the opening—a good sign.

The gallery is my favorite one in the valley. The new location is stunning and allows art viewing from a larger distance than the old location. The duo and their staff did a lovely job of painting the walls and arranging the lighting so that it truly highlights the work and gives the place a warm feel. The juried show on exhibit now had an eclectic mix of artists from all over the United States and many of our favorite artists have new work on the walls or on the shelves. A new artist is featured each month and it is a good creative fix!

The gallery also has a new “supervisor.” Dog lovers should drop by just to say hello to him. The canine was pretty sick recently (he is adopted) and so is on a special diet while he recovers. So please don’t bring dog treats unless you ask Cindy or Louis first.

For those of you who asked, Louis informed me that the art classes are temporarily on hiatus until further notice. The landlord has apparently allowed the gallery to also display in the hallways surrounding the gallery so don’t forget to meander out there. Tradewinds shop is moving next door so you might want to pop in there too.

The gallery is located on Village Drive between the UPS Store and the Arcade—in the new building that took ages to complete. The best place to score a parking space is in the lot behind them with the vehicle entry near the Mandolin Bistro.

Mandolin has become one of my favorite restaurants but now I have to add Café Mambo. Although we were a little slow getting there, last night our senses were immersed in culinary delight. Colin came out to check on how everything was and frankly it was unbelievably good.

The menu is not extensive but it is great–so drop by when you get a chance. In fact, when you visit the Serenity Place Gallery, you can just cross the street to Café Mambo since it is also located on Village Drive.

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