Critical Meeting Thursday 9am at Fire Station 49

Did you know that there is a movement to move the Logger’s Jubilee out of Fawnskin? The weekend of the Jubilee is one of the biggest weekends in Fawnskin. The Fawnskin Festival piggy backs with it, the Doo Dah Parade occurs in conjunction with it, and the Moose Lodge, restaurants, and local merchants benefit from the commerce that comes into the area.

If you are available please attend the under advertised meeting scheduled to take place tomorrow, Thursday, October 12, 2006 at 9am. The meeting will be held here in Fawnskin the Fire Station 49.

Old Miller School
Well, it looks like they started to prepare the Old Miller School’s parking area for paving finally. Did Jim talk to Rudy or is this just coincidence? Anyway, they started moving dirt around yesterday and the loaders are still there this morning.

Jammin’ at Captain John’s Fawn Harbor
Yesterday I got word that every day at 4pm there is a jam session down at Captain John’s. They are looking for more participants so if you play and instrument or homemade ones such as spoons or a washboard—head on down. The group gathers daily and invites musicians of all types and interested Fawnskin residents to join them.

Lake inversion—it isn’t your imagination. The water in the lake does invert and is currently doing so. This is when the water from the bottom rises, hence the murky hue.

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