Fawnskin Minute

I just had a minute to pop in. Nobody has given me an update on the meeting regarding the Logger’s Jubilee…if you are in the know drop me an email!

Today was another great day even though I always enjoy the rain since I live at least a little diversity in the weather. The rain also motivated me to move the wood and other odds and ends that have been sitting on my deck for way too long. Unfortunately, I layered today and was too toasty.

The Fawnskin Passports are almost done. Once we get the final they will be off to the printer and for sale for a minimum donation of $5 to my Mayoral Campaign. We made them the size of business cards so they will fit in your wallet with all your other precious identification cards…

I am excited to announce that we will have a new addition to the Fawnskin Flyer. I found a researcher who has a ton of history on Fawnskin AND who is my new neighbor! Anyway, I got to take a gander at personal letters from past Fawnskin notables, the old Fawnskin Folks publication, post cards, an old Fawnskin brochure and more today. I am not sure how often this new column will be submitted but stay tuned!

Sorry for the delay in the next print issue. I’ve been swamped and actually need to interview the mayor candidates…I am working on it!

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