Fawnskin’s Halloween Celebrations

Halloween Bash
The Moose Lodge is having a big party tonight but if you are not a member you can still join in the festivities across the street at the Gold Pan. Their Halloween Party starts at 8pm and the costumes are great—I got an eyeful on my meander through town distributing the Fawnskin Flyer.

Fawnskin Passports
The passports are getting a great reception. If you live in Big Bear Lake, Bear Valley Pet & Animal Supply is selling them off the counter. They are the pet supply and feed store next to the Arco Station.

I have a pending location in Big Bear City—so stay tuned. If you don’t live in the area, just drop a check in the mail made out to NSIA with any donation of $5 or more with a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) and I’ll mail one out to you. Sent to: Go Guerrero 2007, PO Box 502, Fawnskin, CA 92333.

Doris Lane
Doris (of Fawnskin Market fame) was just in town. I missed her but the news is that she now lives in Newberry Springs. Tom, her son, just had a baby girl so she was up cooing over the new grandchild.

Fawnskin Fire Station
I hope none of you panicked over the big activity at the local fire station. The Community Emergency Rescue Team met. Our boys got a local call but are still here. However, I saw the Big Bear Hot Shots head down to the desert area fire last night.

Bad Behavior
This week’s bad behavior struck me as funny but it had some people upset. Someone taped over the voting slots at the Gold Pan so that nobody could vote for Wayne or Diana (me).

Perhaps it is one of “Don Gino’s mob…pretty childish if you ask me but not something to get bent out of shape over. I find it pretty funny since we all are running in the mayor race just to raise money for the town—it doesn’t really matter who wins (although we all want to) because all the funds go to the same place…operational expenses for the NSIA and various charities throughout the Big Bear Valley, not just Fawnskin.

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