NSIA Potluck

Today I ambled down into town twice! Boy am I on a roll. I’ve been chained to the computer and so I often need to get outside and away from the keyboard sometime after midday. This is how I got to really got into the habit of chatting with Doris. Anyone visit with her lately? If so, send her my love and best wishes.

Fawnskin Market
On that note, someone asked about the Fawnskin Market tonight. Mark had said he would call me when there were any changes and I have not heard from him. Last news was that he needed to get a survey for property lines and easement.

Fawn Park
The other question was about Fawn Park (they obviously don’t read the flyer). Yes, it is still closed. However some of us have back gate passes…

Reba Voltz is home. Weak, but she is doing better. Jean Glessing is also doing okay—she has a pacemaker now and is still in recovery. Sarah said she is checking in on her regularly and Rick said he saw her driving—look out!

Post Office Garden
The Garden Committee received another kudos for their fabulous work on the community garden area in front of the post office. The new sign is also getting many comments and apparently Postmaster Cynthia does not have to answer a multitude of questions as to who maintains the garden now.

If you are interested in helping winterize the garden and get it ready for next year the group will meet at 8am this Wednesday October 11, 2006. Additional help is needed, as some of the regular volunteers will be unavailable. They promise coffee and donuts!

The nomination committee presented the nominees for this year’s board. Voting will take place at the November potluck so come one, come all. The officer nominees are:

President: Sue Crockett
Vice-President: Lori Gardner
Treasurer: Kathy Murphy (assisted by Chris Weber)Secretary: Peg Allen

Executive Board:
Steve Cawsey
Rick Fromm (aka Budget Police)
Jean Glessing
Kathy & Dave Hodges
Jim McGrew
Art Voltz
Betty Sunseri

Mayoral Candidates
With the exception of candidate Diana Guerrero, the other candidates were missing and speculated to be at the dollar taco night at the Moose Lodge rather than at the NSIA to plug their campaign. Guerrero did a quick intro, stating her pet project is Fire Station 49. Also that the candidates may hold a cooperative fundraiser at the Moose Lodge since all are members. This year the race may be extended to December 31, 2006 but get those checks in early!

BTW: If you want to support Guerrero (aka GG) please make out checks to NSIA. Make a notation for “Guerrero Fawnskin Mayor” and send to…

The next NSIA board meeting will be on October 26 at 4:40pm at the Moose Lodge. Please note that this is a new location.

Denise Proffer from the Fire Safe Council spoke. Tip: Check your lint screens on your dryer if you use the dryer fabric softeners. The layer of film can ignite and pose a hazard. One way to check…put the screen under the faucet, if the water pools then it needs to be washed so it clears.

Proffer also gave kudos to our Fire Station and community for our successful chipper days. (Chipping up tree limbs, branches, etc.) Next year the chipper days will take place in May, June, and July.

Also, a reminder that we are still in peak fire season. Time to trim ladder fuels (bushes and branches). The suggestion is to clear from the ground up to about nine feet. Also remove flammable growth.

The underlying message: Fire fighters will work to save homes that adhere to those guidelines. Non-compliant homes endangers their lives–so do your share.

If you know of anyone who would be in need of assistance in times of emergency please drop by the Fire Station 49 and add them to the CERTS list.

Snow Blowing
Sister Annette will offer assistance this winter along with her dynamic team of volunteers (Jim, Todd, Rick, Dave) for those who need snow blowing for those who cannot do (due to illness or age) or who can’t afford it. You do need to fill out a form. Grab one at Fire Station 40 or call Jim at 866-9447.

I heard rumors that Ronnie was not going to be plowing this winter…so I asked him. He is pondering it over so I don’t have a definitive answer for you about that!

Grout Bay Goop
A new resident complained about the weed growth in Grout Bay. The NSIA board will discuss concerns as new business at the next meeting. Locals shared that Mike Stevenson of MWD will be going to school for weed abatement. Currently, two Fawnskin residents are running for MWD—-hopefully once in–we can get some answers more attention, and action.

Park Board
Questions arose as to why the parking lot at the Old Miller School House has not been paved. The Park Board Advisory Group meets on October 17, 2006 at 5:30pm at the Meadow Park Conference Room. Drop by to be heard and ask questions.

Avalon Heath Center
There is a fairly new business in Big Bear Lake called Avalon Health Center. They offer cleansing, ear coning, footbaths, and other services. Located in the center with DeBoer Accounting, the hours are by appointment. Call Nicole at (909) 273-7258.

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