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Okay, I keep getting questions as to when I am going to post. I’ve been really swamped with work projects and just want to remind you that you can always post without me!

I didn’t make it to the DOVES walk today and wonder if any of you showed up to support the effort. Let me know if you did.

What I did discover is that the Big Bear Politics website will be launching soon. I’ve heard scuttlebutt about this for over a month. The place will be a forum for all residents, candidates, and political animals to post and chat on topics near and dear to their hearts.

Speaking of which…What do you think about all the letters to the editor regarding the private home rental issue? What I wish people would focus on is the issue of ENFORCEMENT. I see problems not only in the rental industry but also in the fairness related to business code compliance…as in some businesses are inspected and “asked” to comply while others never seem to be under scrutiny despite obvious violations.

Case in point, the Fawnskin Market which has been operational for years and years until it came under new ownership–it still isn’t open, nor is Hog’s Haven, or the Fawn Lodge. All entities have faced challenges. I know that across the lake several business owners are a bit frustrated by how business unfriendly the City of Big Bear Lake is…unless of course you are a contractor…

Have an opinion on this? Post below.

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4 Responses to “Post By Popular Demand

  • 1
    Big Bear Lake Citizen
    October 2nd, 2006 18:22

    The Private Home Vacation Rental issue should not be represented as an issue of one business gaining an “up-manship” over another…or of correcting a business practice unfairness, ie “level playing field”. It is instead an issue of what these management companies are doing to our residential family neighborhoods and how they are creating a “false” economy in Big Bear.

    They have been telling people for years that they can buy a vacation home and rent it out under their rental program, and not have to pay the mortgage…the rental income will pay it! As these companies added rental unit after rental unit on their program, the individual house has been rented less and less times per month. The customer is bieng “spread” too thin among the ever increasing rental housing base. This is why there are so many second homes flooding the market over the past year or so. People have purchased homes that they really could not afford, and I wonder what “creativity” must have been done to gain the financing in the first place, if they cannot afford it?

    As to the environment they are creating in our residential neighborhoods….it is the same as living next to a hotel. They are dragging down the value of the residential neighborhood. Who wants to live fulll time next to a place where it is rated for, say, 8 people , and 12-15 people are partying all day and into the night? If you call the City they do not want to do anything about it, because they are not “sleeping” yet. They allow the home to be over occupied as long as they are not sleeping in it, just partying! It is a bunch of hog-wash! Further, the City of Big Bear Lake has lied to the public regarding the amount of complaints they have been getting, and what is worse, a past public official of the city has been mongering himself to the voters in a rash of sleazy, out right lying, letter campaigns. I think he should be held responsible for using what was given to him in confidence by tax-paying citizens, and then buggering out and using it against the very citizens he was being paid to help and serve.

    It has not been very much fun being a resident of the City of Big Bear Lake as of late.

  • 2
    MIddle Aged Matron
    October 3rd, 2006 11:14

    While I truly support any efforts to limit Private Home Vacation Rentals I would like to point out that this only applies to the city of Big Bear Lake. If this ordinance should pass, the rental problem will worsen in the unincorported areas of Big Bear City and Fawnskin. Not that that is a reason to oppose the measure, just something to think about.

  • 3
    October 4th, 2006 07:44

    While I live in the “unincorporated area” of Big Bear Valley I believe that enforcement of the noise law should be enforced. Obviously, it has not been enforced by local LE. This ignoring of citizen complaints has resulted in the recent initiative. Who to blame? Start at City Hall,RE agencies, rental agencies, and finally law enforcement. Excuse us, but there are a great many more people who live in this valley 24/7. So if the owners who cannot afford their property without renting it out on a day-to-day basis then they should sell out. They were obviously sold a ‘bill of goods’ by their realtor.

  • 4
    Resident in Hiding
    October 4th, 2006 21:32

    “The City” isn’t unfriendly to business, as long as you’re on the city council or making some big, um, ah, donations!