The FAWNSKIN FLYER Volume II Issue 10

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Inside This Issue
Gossip Girl’s Election Notes
Fawnskin Mayor Race
Candidate Camaraderie
Candidate Gene Cyr
Candidate Diana L Guerrero
Candidate Wayne Parker

GG’s Notes
Greetings! Sorry for the long hiatus but I’ve been swamped with work related to the release of my next book…and planning my campaign in the run for Honorary Mayor of Fawnskin.

This issue is dedicated to all the candidates and the causes near and dear to their hearts. Of course, the race is a fundraiser for the community and all funds go to the North Shore Improvement Association. Ultimately, the candidate who raises the most moola wins.

The Fawnskin race for mayor has been labeled as the only honest election in the nation. Why? Because we make no bones about buying our politicians!

So, empty out your change drawer and join in the fun. Attend one or attend all of the fundraising events—all the money goes to the same place so support the candidates and be especially generous to the one you want to serve Fawnskin in 2007.

Finally, visit the online edition at for the latest scuttlebutt.

G.G. (Gossip Girl)

Fawnskin Mayor Race
So just how long has the annual Fawnskin race for mayor been going on? Well, like most things around here, it depends. Best guesstimates speculate about eight years or more. I imagine the folks who have the minutes of the NSIA could give me an accurate number and a list of past mayors.

Probably the most well known was the one where radio personalities Mark Larson and Larry Marino jumped on the bandwagon. Since they did not live in Fawnskin, they ultimately served as “Deputy Co-Mayors.” The duo came up monthly to broadcast their show live from Fawnskin. They and their listeners generously donated to the cause and are fondly remembered for it.

The 2007 race will be longer than usual. The ballot boxes (where you stuff in the cash) will remain out until the pick up date of January 5, 2007.

Anyone can join in the fun. If you would like to “vote” and buy a politician in the only honest election around, send your checks to NSIA, PO Box 194, Fawnskin, CA 92333. Vote for one or vote for them all…just turn over that cash!

Candidate Camaraderie
All the candidates have special interests but the main focus is to work together to raise the funds that are sorely needed for this community.

As one astute local said, “Pine trees and Joshua trees don’t pay taxes.”

His comment highlights the fact that our small population and the lack of industry pose challenges for even the most basic needs of the town…such as fire hoses and street lights.

This issue of the flyer introduces you to the candidates and the issues that are near and dear to their hearts.

Be sure to encourage your friends, neighbors, families, and visitors to participate.

Gene Cyr
Gene Cyr is no stranger to Fawnskin. He has lived in his current home since 2001 and has been in the valley since 1991.

A native of Beverly, Massachusetts he landed in California in 1978. Gene is married to Glenna and the duo met at eight years of age at summer camp in New Hampshire. Married 39 years, they have two daughters and six grandkids.

Gene has two companies, Magnolia Heating & Cooling and Total Food Solutions.

Favorite pastimes include hunting, fishing, horseshoes, gambling, and buying & selling real estate.

Cyr’s special projects, if elected, are to get Fawn Park and the Fawnskin Market reopened. He is also a fan of keeping Fawnskin like it is.

When asked what people didn’t know about him, his reply was that he is nicknamed, “Gino the Don.”

Gene Cyr’s fundraisers include a sold out dinner ($50 per head), a pasta bar, bake sale, raffle, 50/50 drawing, and Texas Hold’em tournament at the Moose Lodge 2085 on December 2, 2006.

Texas Hold’em starts at Noon while the dinner and other festivities begin after 5pm.

Diana Guerrero
Although only a Fawnskin resident since 2002, Guerrero has been a Fawnskin fan since she first arrived to the valley in 1988.

Guerrero is a native Californian (second generation) who has led an unusual life. She is a certified wild animal trainer and has worked with some of the most endangered species in the world.

Guerrero has been married to her career for most of her life but has spent most of this year with a tall handsome newcomer named Gary.

Diana is the proprietor of Ark Animals, a pet training service, and Guerrero Ink, a professional writing and marketing service. Her next book, Blessing of the Animals is scheduled for national release in April of 2007.

Favorite pastimes include producing the Fawnskin Flyer, reading, hiking, kayaking, and internet projects.

Her special interest is Fire Station 49. Most people don’t know that this station serves the valley from Arctic Circle to the Mitsubishi Plant and up to Onyx Summit.

The “Go Guerrero” fundraiser includes the sale of Fawnskin Passports. They are designed to lure visitors into town and as a collectable. Murmurs of other events are in the air—maybe even a pancake breakfast.

Wayne Parker
An active member of Moose Lodge 2085, Wayne Parker has lived in Fawnskin for eight years but has been a valley resident since 1992.

Wayne is co-owner of Ponderosa Wood Working and loves cabinet making. Prior to this venture, he spent 30 years at Douglas Aircraft serving 19 years as an aviation technician on the flight line and 11 years as a technical writer for the industry.

Wayne says he is “not one to hold back” and that there is nothing he has to hide.

Currently serving Moose International as the District Chaplin, Wayne has held every office at our local lodge. He was also instrumental in the establishment of the extremely successful MS Walks.

Married to the current mayor, Emily, he has six kids, 17 grandkids, and 4 great grandchildren. He is also the pet parent of Misty, a Maltese.

Parker would like to continue the clean up of Fawnskin, see street lights in town, and finish the Don Conroy Memorial Park.

His fundraiser is scheduled for November 18, 2006 at the Moose Lodge 2085. Emily will be serving her famous Chicken Fried steak at 5pm.

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