Celebrate Veteran’s Day in a New Way Plus Fawnskin News

Starbucks Coffee and Project Prayer Flag invites you, your school, employees, or Club, to participate in “Operation Christmas Care.” Join veteran Shawn Black on Saturday, November 11, 2006 from 8am until Noon at Starbucks Interlaken, 42140 Big Bear Blvd in Big Bear Lake, California and receive a free U.S. Soldiers Name/Address, a small U.S. Postal shipping box and a suggested packing list.

The effort will give you the opportunity to assemble a Christmas care box to send to your “Adopted” Solider serving in Iraq, and Afghanistan. To celebrate Veterans Day, come down to Starbucks and join the Big Bear residents who will receive a free kit and everything you need to send your love to an American Soldier! It’s your chance to say “Thanks” for all that they do!

Old Miller School House
The Old Miller School House parking lot is still being prepped for paving. Gone is the lovely old boulder with the memorial plaque. A cinder block wall has been placed in front of the children’s play area–seemingly for protection. Unfortunately, the slope of the lot looks like it will move melting snow and water toward the building and then down toward the old church building. Speculation exists as to whether or not it will flood.

Fawnskin Market
I am still waiting to hear from Mark regarding the Fawnskin Market. The scuttlebutt around town is that the easement does not just go up to the door but actually goes into the building. This would not be good news but I am waiting for the update from Mark and will call him to verify.

Bit**ing over Business
This brings up a sore point. So far at least four establishments have not reopened due to problems related to the county requirements and interagency run arounds. These include Fawn Lodge, Fawnskin Market, Amangela’s, and Hog’s Haven. (The next issue of the Fawnskin Flyer has a complete story of the new coffee house.)

In the past I have experienced trouble with Big Bear Lake as a business owner, which is why I no longer have my business based there. I have listened to many new businesses owners and have noticed what can only be called “selective enforcement” on the south shore. Instead of being helpful to new business owners municiple and county agencies have hindered their efforts to make a living in the Big Bear Valley and thwart efforts to participate in the free enterprise system. Yes, I understand the code governing the businesses and other safety issues BUT when it impacts the health of the town, and forces residents and visitors to go elsewhere I believe it has gone to far. Perhaps this is a topic for bigbearpolitics.com and for the local papers to investigate.

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