The FAWNSKIN FLYER Volume II Issue 11

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Inside This Issue
Gossip Girl’s Notes
Fawnskin Events
Fawnskin Market
Johnston Property Cited
Pancake Breakfast

GG’s Notes
Wow, this year is almost over. The holiday festivities are right around the corner and the mayoral race is moving forward despite the scandal.
What? You didn’t hear about the ballot tampering?!

Voting for this race is done by casting your quarters (and any other dollar amounts) into the wooden “ballot boxes” at select locations around town.

NSIA board members collect the money raised at various intervals. During a recent stop at the Gold Pan to collect money, they discovered that Parker & Guerrero’s slots were taped shut. This ballot tampering made bad behavior in the online edition.

Ultimately, all the votes go to the same organization. However, it did upset some people around town. Personally, I thought it was funny. Cyr also turned up at the NSIA potluck, pouring wine and sucking up like a good politician.

Will it cost us Wayne & I the election? Stay tuned…and be sure to visit the online edition at for the latest scuttlebutt.

G.G. (Gossip Girl)

Fawnskin Events

November 18, 2006
Fundraising Dinner
Mayoral Candidate Wayne Parker
Moose Lodge 2085

November 25, 2006

Turkey Dinner
Moose Lodge 2085

December 2, 2006
Christmas Tree Lighting (5:30pm)
Ornament Making, Snacks Earlier
Fire Station 49

December 2, 2006

Texas Hold’em (Noon)
Fundraising Pasta Bar
Mayoral Candidate Gene Cyr
Moose Lodge 2085

December 12, 2006 6:00pm
NSIA Potluck & Holiday Gift Exchange
Old Miller Park

December 16, 2006 8am-11am
Fundraising Pancake Breakfast
Candidate Diana L. Guerrero
Moose Lodge 2085

Fawnskin Market Misery
Locals are getting restless wondering when the Fawnskin Market will be allowed to open.

The market was acquired by a new owner in May of 2006. It has been closed ever since.

Originally closed for inventory, clean up, and upgrades, various county agencies and Cal Trans have prevented the market from reopening.

The most recent issues involved the survey and demands for a conditional use permit because the property is over the easement.

Locals are not happy that they have no local source for groceries and related items. Campers, anglers, bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts have also faced a hardship with the closure of the little store.

Now closed for six months the store seems to be another casualty of red tape facing new business owners in the valley.

So far, three downtown businesses have not opened because of red tape and compliance requests.

When I spoke with Mark earlier in the week he said that the CalTrans issue would probably take at least another two months on their end. There are other issues his engineer is working on—let’s hope nothing else will surface.

Unfortunately, another hurdle surfaced this week involving the impact of the Fawnskin Market on Johnston property (Three Bird Productions) next door…

Johnston Property
Let’s hope that the owner of the property adjacent to the Fawnskin Market is cooperative with the new owner.

You may be aware that earlier this year volunteers and the NSIA approached the Johnston property owner with the offer to clean up the place as part of the town clean up project. The only thing he had to do was pay for the dump fees. He refused.

Incidentally, the Johnston property recently received a citation over the failure to adhere to county code related to the debris and condition of the property…he should have taken the town up on the offer of help earlier.


The new coffee house/café has also hit some bumps that have delayed their opening probably until January.

The partnership involves three local women of the Engle clan. Tami Engle has been in the Big Bear Valley for about 40 years and has been a manager for Paoli’s restaurant for 18 years.

The other two partners who will be operating the location are sister-in-laws Amanda Engle and Angela Engle…hence the business name, Amanda + Angela =Amangela’s.

Both of the young women are married and have been in food service before. They have been looking at opening something locally for years.

Currently the plans are to offer smoothies, soups, bagels, sandwiches, salads, coffee, and espresso drinks.

Originally, they had hoped to open in November but the county has kept them running in circles.

In fact, county employees told them that the building did not exist. Funny, especially since at the last business closed down at that location earlier this year.

At the moment, the plans are to establish a place that will become a community hangout and are considering wireless internet and maybe even entertainment.

Plans are to open early and offer breakfast and lunch. In addition, they will have items packaged to go and they are looking into beer and wine as a possibility.

Both women currently live in the east end of the valley but the duo decided that they did not want to spend the rest of their lives working for someone else.

The little Fawnskin location caught their eye and this is the business opportunity they envisioned to make their dream a reality.

They bought the equipment, tables and chairs from the now defunct Bailey’s Coffee House and have a fine espresso machine just waiting to be used.

The two are active in the community and very sensitive to the needs of the locals. In fact, they are currently working with their friends on firefighter fundraising efforts for the survivors of those who were lost in the recent fires.

Pancake Breakfast
The Fawnskin Mayoral Race fundraising efforts continue and the last issue failed to mention the Pancake Breakfast for Candidate Guerrero.

Mark you calendars for December 16, 2006 from 8am until 11am at Moose Lodge 2085. Tickets are available in advance (or at the door) for a donation of $5 or more per person.

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