‘Tis the Season in Fawnskin

Monday night was the monthly NSIA potluck and the annual holiday party. Approximately 60 people attended the holiday party which started off with people rushing in with hot dishes and gaily wrapped gifts for the holiday exchange.

Art Harriman and Captain John Sanders led the festivities playing to the crowd and getting most to join in the merriment and off key singing. This ploy was to stall everyone until the last of the local dignitaries from Bear Valley arrived.

Why did they stall? The annual holiday party and potluck was preceded by special recognition of Betty Sunseri. Betty, who has lived in the valley twenty-three years or so, will be leaving our quaint little town to live in Valencia, California in early 2007.

Betty is one of the sweetest and most active residents in the Big Bear Valley. Here is an excerpt of the interview done when she ran for 2006 honorary mayor:

Betty Sunseri shares her smile and good nature with just about everyone she encounters. Betty arrived in Fawnskin 1983. She came up for a holiday and ended up buying a place just four doors from her rental. Originally from Bellflower, she moved to the valley after her husband died.

She has two kids (Judy and Michael) and gets to boast about her five grandchildren. She laments that she doesn’t have any great grandchildren yet. Betty resides with her two kitty supervisors, Kitty Witty and Annie.

This active woman is very active in the community with the Big Bear Chamber Maids and the Hospital Auxiliary, serving both since 1985. She’s been with the North Shore Improvement Association since its inception AND is a recipient of the Soroptomist’s Woman of Distinction Award.

Friends say that Betty is generous and it is a little known fact that she is good at sharing her tomatoes and cucumbers–because she doesn’t like them. This woman loves Fawnskin with all her heart and would love to see beautification efforts on main street so that the town restored to its old fashioned glory.

Betty we will miss yoy…better give us your address so we can all write. She was teased that the whole town will drop by to see her if she will put us up. One local suggested we import her for the monthly potluck once she moves.

In addition to all the rowdy Fawnskin locals, others who were present to honor Betty were Brent Tregaskis (Big Bear Mountain Resorts), Kathy Campbell (Big Bear Valley Recreation and Park District), Micki Plummer (Bear Valley Hospital Auxiliary), and Jan Stoll (Chamber Maids).

A dedication plaque to the Betty Sunseri Miller Park Playground will hang in honor of her hard work and contributions. It reads:

Betty Sunseri Miller Park Playground
The Big Bear Valley Recreation and Park District honors the dedicated service of Commissioner Betty Sunseri and her special effort toward the establishment of Miller Park Playground on Wednesday, December 11, 2006.

Fawnskin Honors Richard Swartz
After snacking on the tasty bounty prepared by local residents, another presentation was made to Richard Swartz. Many of you might know Richard for his fabulous spaghetti and his famous bloody Mary mix. His award read:

In recognition of outstanding efforts for the benefit of the community of Fawnskin the North Shore Improvement Association hereby expresses its thanks, admiration, and gratitude for superlative efforts.

The personal dedication and commitment of time, creativity, energy, and sacrifice are appreciated enthusiastically by each citizen of Fawnskin.

December 11, 2006
Sue Crocket, President
North Shore Improvement Association

Fawnskin Post Office & Holiday Tradition
Just a reminder that next week is the cookies and pie week at the Fawnskin Post Office. Cookies made by local residents and will be available for your enjoyment while pie and coffee will be provided on Friday. If you have not signed up yet, the list will be at the Post Office shortly.

Finally, the youngest Fawnskin resident attended this month’s potluck with Robin and Scott. Ridley is three weeks old and happily participated in the good cheer. When he got a bit cranky over everyone eating around him, mom was quick to bring out his “3 ounce shot.” (Don’t get crazy, it was only milk.)

Here are some snaps from the evening:

Santa Dave attended the party and was really pushing candy!

Santa Dave with Matt

Richard & Cindy in their festive attire

Santa Dave with Lori

Fawnskin Friends (L to R) Lori, Kathy, Sister Annette, Sue

Richard Swartz with his award

These two always snuggle and whisper to each other…Capt John & Betty

Capt John is always popular with ladies (married or not!)

Harold Allen had all his gifts taken and had to keep getting new ones. Here he is with his final prize, a stocking purse!

Nothing like good ol’ fashioned music by Capt John & Art’

Mayor Emily made a splash with her gift selection…a fishy hat…whose mouth got a movin’!

Ever wonder who the lady in purple is? Trish, but her gift wasn’t purple.

Single gals, this handsome fireman is single and in Fawnskin!

President Sue captivates half of the crowd with her commanding gavel!

Chamber Maid Betty with pal Jan Stoll

(L to R) Chris, Santa Dave, Matt, & Don

What a purty cake Betty had…

Kathy Campbell with Betty Sunseri

Our dearly loved volunteer, Betty Sunseri

Micki Plummer & Betty Sunseri

Focus on Food

Gift master Todd Murphy got the gift exchange going but quickly lost focus!

Proud pop Scott with little Ridley

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