Spirited Singers in Fawnskin

Last night was the annual Christmas caroling in Fawnskin. Brave locals piled into the trailer filled with chairs to embark on the uphill meandering through town. Although caroling books had been made along with a laboriously constructed CD to help the group, this year’s singing ended up being endless off-key renditions of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Jingle Bells. Nobody in the group could seem to remember any other songs.

Once in a while attempts at new songs were made but most just ended up being one verse…so those efforts at other songs ended up erupting into bouts of laughter at the dismal results. When local dogs howled along, more laughter erupted and we figured we might as well give into our fate of a two-song repertoire.

Anyway, when the dogs howled we decided we might as well howl along with them…laughing all the way. THEN we discovered we could “fa la la la la” in tune to different harmonies, which also erupted into still more laughter but it did give us another option–we are creative if nothing else.

Even though we only sang two songs to speak of, most residents did not reside on the same block so everyone thought it was great. This year seemed to have the record number of people at home for the holidays. Many came outside to clap and some even joined in the singing. Some even came out with the family dog. One poor canine came out charging and barking but as we belted out our best, he stopped, totally confused—or was it stunned? We even had a cat who watched our antics; he sat on the windowsill surrounded by kids (sensibly keeping warm) who looked confused…we must have been a sight all bundled up in our makeshift wagon.

Finally, because the front row singers could not be heard by the last row singers, an interesting mix of songs and stanzas had many of the carolers laughing with glee over how unorganized it seemed.

Now contrary to rumors, not everyone was imbibing alcohol. When I was asked if I was the only sober one in the group, I had to admit I was not, there were at least three under aged carolers…as to the other adults, well you’ll have to ask them!

However, the important thing was that everyone had a great time, new residents and long-time dwellers equally enjoyed our attempts at caroling, a fast disappearing tradition. I do have some photos but it will be a day or two before they will be posted.

I have to say that I was glad that the weather was on our side, especially since it is snowing like crazy as I write this.

If you have not taken a short drive around town, you will be amazed at the fabulous lights and decorations that are up. I took a few snaps but need to actually take a trip to get some shots of some of the really striking ones.

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