Bad Behavior…What Happened to Manners?

This last holiday season was a nightmare for many locals. Personally, in all my years in this area I have never experienced or witnessed so much bad behavior. I sensibly hid out at home but when I checked with some of the local work force recently–they agreed. Just what was up?

My theory is always oxygen deprivation. This is hard on many flatlanders and could be part of the problem. When the brain is starved for oxygen, it quits working. Normally sensible people cannot think and so they do stupid things.

What are some of those stupid things?
-Make U turns over a double yellow line on a curve.
-Stop in the middle of a highway to put on snow chains (even better when it is around a curve).
-Throw trash out the window in the pristine wilderness they have come to enjoy.
-Pretend to not notice the “Express Lane: 15 Items of Less” and try to get through with one, if not two shopping carts overflowing with groceries.

Now I am sure you can add your own such comments below and I hope you will…but this past season something else seemed to be underway. For instance, staff at Vons had to call the sheriff when two, errr–ladies, began to fight in the aisle of the supermarket.

People blocked aisles and got pissy with locals who said, “Excuse me” so they could get through.

Then there are the people who believe they are entitled to trespass on private property to engage in snow play. They climb on porches, park and block the driveway, and park under “No Parking” signs.

Have you even had a secret desire is to take a digital camera and take snaps with a date and time stamps of these annoying and rude people? Perhaps a citizen’s arrest would be appropriate. It could help the local law enforcement and generate some much needed revenue for this area.

Most of us sensible locals hide out during the heavy onslaught but this year the bad behavior really infringed on everyone.

Perhaps city dwellers are now so insensitive and self-absorbed that they really don’t care any more. After all, if any of us locals get out of sorts we certainly can’t excape through anonymity–and usually have to face each other on a regular basis.

Thinking about this, when I have gone on vacation I am usually relaxed and more polite. What about you? What do you think about this topic?

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