Dog Man in Deep Doo-Doo

Word on the street is that Dog Man has been cited again. This brings the total amount of citations to over a dozen. If you don’t know the guy, you probably know the dogs…two brindle mixed pups, one large red dog, and one yellow fluff ball.

Other dogs are often found on the premises…hence the nickname.

Roaming dogs are not unique to Fawnskin. Travel anywhere in the valley and you will encounter motley crews. Not all of them are nice. Stories of attacks on trails or in neighborhoods–and even at the park are not scarce. Our local pack has been benign, they are mouthy–they bark. But when told to get home or to knock it off they usually comply.

The problem is that people are tired of it. People are afraid of them. People don’t like being intimidated by dogs who run up to them and bark. Hate dogs pooping in their yard or sleeping in the street–or running out in front of their car as they drive by.

So, in light of this latest citation the word is he is in for some additional trouble. Many of us have talked to him about this problem. If you have a good rapport with him–ask him to use caution and mend his ways–otherwise our canine pals will be taking a ride to the local doggie jail.

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