Fawn Park Closed Again

Fawn Park has been closed for six months and when the place again opened to residents and community visitors for less than a week–everyone wondered if visitors broke into the park to use it–looks like they might have been right.

In the wake of additional fund solicitations for the Fawn Park, a letter to the editor appeared this week in the Grizzly. Vivian is the talk of the town and the questions being raised no longer just wonder about the fact if the Fawn Park closure is an attempt to hold it as hostage to get what the park owner wants.

Up until the ad appeared in the Grizzly, people have attempted to give Fawn Park Corporation the benefit of the doubt. Locals now feel that they have been mislead–and more and more are mad and outraged.

It will be interesting to see what spin the local media will place on this issue or if they will simply ignore it AGAIN.

In the world of celebrities, any publicity is good publicity. Local publications have only reported “benevolent” stories and have left the park closure untouched. None have reported or investigated the issue.

Many private parties and organizations who gave donations to the “community” park believe they have been duped.

So, what do you think would happen if an investigation into Fawn Park Corporation is launched? What would it reveal?

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3 Responses to “Fawn Park Closed Again

  • 1
    January 28th, 2007 12:56

    Perhaps I’ve missed something, but does Anyone have a clear cut answer as to WHY the park is closed???

  • 2
    January 28th, 2007 15:56

    Yes, the story has been ongoing since July of 2006. Use the search box to locate all the articles on Fawn Park here.

  • 3
    miffed somewhat
    January 28th, 2007 19:15

    When I was little, growing up with 2 brothers and 2 sisters we would occassionally fight over the ‘cool’ toys. Inevitably the ‘owner’ of the ‘cool’ toys would take them away and not allow us to play with them…usually over something said or done to slight the possessor. Childish? Yes…but we were ‘children’. Why do I have the strangest sense of deja vu here??