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I am finally back in Fawnskin, tired to say the least. We went to the Moose Lodge last night to BBQ and it took a while since the air was so cold. Anytime someone checked their food on the grill it dropped the temperature down so far that it took about double the time to cook the morsels…we used that time to meet some part-time residents and catch up with other locals.

I find it funny how fast you can lose touch with everything going on. I noticed that the Fawn Park gates are open now…probably a good thing since the ad soliciting more money was not well received.

Sorry, I don’t have the answer for you. I am not sure if the group working on the project got the gates opened, if people just decided enough was enough and took things into their own hands, or if the Fawn Park Corporation realized that the questions being asked were (alluding to the possiblity of fraud) a liability. Feel free to post below if you know the story.

I have not had the chance to peruse the Grizzly but heard that at least two couples from Fawnskin were listed in the top 10 people in the valley–not bad for such a small town. Luis and Cindy of Serenity Place live here full time as well as Loni and Dave of the Big Bear MS Walk effort.

Unfortunately, the Grizzly mixes up or omits things on occassion. The Parkers were left out of the story concerning the MS Walk–the duo was instrumental in getting the program going and many, many Fawnskin residents continue to work behind the scenes for the community.

A small handful of people always seem to do most of the work. For this I am grateful as many of us cannot put the time or energy into all the needs of the community. We, and I am sure you will agree, are all so very grateful to those of you who can and do work for the betterment of the valley–good job!

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