Fawnskin Cougar Tips

Cougar Fawnskin

With the recent cougar attack in northern California I thought I’d give you the link back to the Fawnskin Flyer Issue with the cougar attack prevention tips.

The local cat seems to drop down into town in the fall but you never know when things change.

On the local front I’ve noticed some of the willows are budding! I enjoyed the warm day yesterday and am wondering if the storm predicted is going to hit our area.

Thursday we had a day off and took some time to head down to the marina. I had to laugh when I saw a couple of rocks on the ice. Captain John said that one of the locals had to try to see if he could break the ice (just like in stupid tourist tricks). At least the local had the sense to thrust the rock down from the dock.

Hazmat swept into town and didn’t realize that Fawn Harbor does not store fuel durin g the winter. Big city stuff is bizarre–what ever happened to investigating first before spending a ton of money on an issue?

Two bald eagles are hanging out above Grout Bay and we borrowed Captain John’s binoculars to scope out the situation. Two locals were playing horseshoes and it was a great excuersion into relaxation.

BTW if you didn’t sample NS Cafe’s trout–it is out of this world. Chef Richard also had a seafood crepe special that everyone was ranting over. I am not sure if it is still on the board but don’t miss the dish the next time.

Finally, I had heard the rumor before but Cook (ousted from Pine Knot after an audit) is attempting to get into our little marina. Murmors are that he is also talking about it with the park district.

I am not too happy with that idea–how about you?

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