Marty Ingles Appreciation Day

Some of our smart a** locals have decided it might be a nice idea to have a Marty Ingles appreciation day…after all Fawn Park is open again.

Community members hope that he came to his senses but most feel that the catalyst was that a closed park is not good to have when you are again soliciting funds from the community for an alleged community park…some of us believe it was the naughty tourists who broke in.

Anyway, if we had a Marty Ingles appreciation day everyone in town would have to dress up in cowboy hats and sport fake bushy mustaches.

All residents would be forced to watch reruns of I’m Dickens, He’s Fenster the brief slapstick sitcom of 1962-1963 starring Ingles and John Astin followed by a screening of Ingles in 1961, Armored Command.

Since the park is open, we could then have a picnic in the park. (Wait! I seem to remember it was no picnic in the park…)

It might be worthwhile to parade around and murmor admiration for everything crammed in the place…the movie props could even receive hugs of appreciation–after all they are the unofficial sentries.

Seniors could use the workoout stations and everyone should climb onto the still unused stage.

Heck, even though Marty’s self declared Fawnskin Anthem has not be sanctioned by the community everyone could try and sing it.

Well, maybe not.

How about singing some of Shirley’s songs from the Partridge Family, Oklaholma, or the Music Man?

No? Right, that probably would not be fitting for a Marty Ingles appreciation day.

Oh yes, we need to have some sort of ceremony for the 911 memorial…oops…forgot the Color Guard won’t be allowed in…they might still be upset over Ingles calling them a bunch of gorillas. Anyway, this whole thing might have to wait until the funds solicited for the new memorial are in and the press once again covers it in the news.

So then what else?

Since the Marty Ingles discussion board contains no posts at webula…maybe the community should visit and leave comments…or buy a 1964 autograph for ten bucks on eBay…

We could all go in order his favorite dish at NS Cafe in his honor–but does anyone know what that could be?

Finally, should April 1st be set aside for this event? *snicker* Maybe I should have waited to post this until then…oh well!

Make sure you post your comments and ideas below…

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