Minus 6 Degrees Fahrenheit in Fawnskin

Wow, my outdoor/indoor thermometer has failed to work and is stuck just above sixty degrees. However, my outside thermometer read -6 this morning. Grout Bay is covered with ice except for a few areas where the current keeps it stirred up and waterfowl is clustered in those areas. My house actually got cold, it has never dropped below 50 degrees indoors before…I have a nice fire built up and don’t have a big desire to venture out until the sun warms things up a bit.

I ventured out yesterday and was surprised at the road conditions. I know highway 330 had been closed but I didn’t expect the local highways to be such a mess. Many locals had some entertaining stories to share…I may drive like a grandma but I enjoy the scenery and rarely have any problems. My perch above the main road always gives me a bird’s eye view of bumper cars and other such antics. I’d rather be safe than be in one of those stories.

I may amble down to the NS Cafe later this morning but have hunkered down for the weekend. I forgot it was a three day weekend and this may be the safest place to be!

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