Moes Haven

A while ago (2005) I received a mysterious CD in the mail. The letter said the group found me during one of their internet searches and thought I would be interested in their music. So, I listened…mostly because I thought it was an insanely clever way to promote their music.

My parrot, CE loved the CD and I posted my comments on their guestbook and sent out the link and review to all my e-zine subscribers.

Since that time Matt continued to send me CD’s–and even wrote a song about one incident of my life…it made their album called, “If not us, who?” You can listen to a short portion of “Sue the Zoo” here.

This week the clever boys sent me a note with a CD containing a muscial invitation to Manchester, New Hampshire for the Moes Haven 365-album listening party. I listened to my invitation and many others…as usual the creativity made me smile.

The guys recorded a song for every day of last year and figure the party is going to take eight days. Needless to say, I can’t make it but if any of you are nearby or traveling–or want to drop by and represent me, it would be a hoot.

Visit the guys at to check out their efforts and to leave them a note…or buy a CD! Help spread the work by sending their website URL to a few of your pals.


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