Mountain Folk Dating Criteria Revisited

Not too long ago I was asked about Fawn Park and if I was the person who put out the Fawnskin Flyer. In the course of that conversation, the infamous dating criteria came up (for those of you who missed it you can read about Mountain Folk Dating Criteria here).

Anyway, I was asked some tough questions. For instance, are tractors counted as running vehicles? Is there an age difference limit? Tough.

I don’t know if I’d want to go out on a date in a tractor. After all, you attract way too much attention because you block traffic. Then it takes an awful long time to get where you are going…and there isn’t a seat for the chaperone.

As for age limit, well there IS a law about dating youngsters. However, for the senior crowd this would not be a problem. The woman who was sharing that the dating pool was mostly under 30 and over 60 and dismal in between so she was dating people 20 years older. I know some really active and brilliant seniors so you have to decide for yourself.

However, within the senior crowd, the teeth dating criteria could be a challenge–so do dentures solve that problem? Does 40 years difference bother you? You guys better give me some feedback since these are really perplexing questions.

These days I’ve been asked if a background check is part of the essential criteria. Hmm, because everyone around these parts seems to know at least some of the dirt, that is a tough call. You’d be surprised at what you find out if you ask, so I would start there–since you do want to have a good trusting foundation. But if you are worried, it certainly seems to be an unusual tool some people use.

I’m sure you have more burning questions (and comments) so feel free to post them.

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