New Year, New Directions in Fawnskin

Happy New Year! I am looking forward to a great year. I heard some scuttlebutt in Bear City of all places…have to check into it before I share it with you however.

On that note, I’ve been sitting quiet about a couple of things.

Honorary Mayor’s Race
Many of you have heard that I have withdrawn from the race for mayor…it is true. I submitted my withdrawal letter on December 18, 2006 and ceased my personal fundraising just after my fun and successful pancake breakfast.

Out of courtesy to the NSIA fundraising efforts for Fawnskin, I suggested they withdraw my name from the race today and split all my proceeds equally between the other two candidates. The candidate who raises the most money wins…the “ballot boxes” will be collected this week and the winner will be announced next week.

Many of you know why I withdrew–but for those of you who don’t let me just say that I live my life a certain way and anything that does not fall in alignment with that path gets removed.

Fawnskin Flyer Changes

I ponder what direction to take annually–just prior to the New Year. Many of you know that I’ve been absent from Fawnskin quite a bit and the demands of my businesses have kept me away from many activities. This is going to be something that remains a challenge in 2007–especially since I will be going on book tour shortly.

The Fawnskin Flyer started as a joke and became a hobby that I hoped the community would grasp onto. So far everyone loves it, but I have to work to bring you the news and scuttlebutt–the smart a** commentary, well it just comes naturally when I am rested!

Anyway, I envision that community groups, leaders, and residents will eventually begin to post their events and news so that the Fawnskin Flyer becomes more community driven and will continue even if I am traveling.

Due to my schedule demands and priorities for 2007 I will no longer be publishing the print edition effective immediately. The online version will continue and I hope you will contribute to it and help me see it evolve into a community driven resource.

Thanks for reading and check back for the scuttlebutt!

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