Penny Pinching in Fawnskin

BIG breaking news here in Fawnskin, California…NS Cafe Coffee Club members noticed an increase in the price of coffee…it is up to a whopping $1.75.

One local was so distraught over the drastic increase that he left the premises to search out another location with more reasonable caffeine prices. His absence was noticed during the regular Sunday bantering this week.

Never mind that the NS Cafe Coffee Club price has been obsolete in the world at large for about…50 years or so.

The good thing about cheap coffee, or should I say a reasonable cup of java, is that you can feel like a really big tipper. Forget the 20% realm–most tips around here are in the three digit percentage realm.

Yup, big tippers…no wait! Come to think of it, the disappearing local counts the tips down to the last cent. In our sick amusement bets are on as to how long it will take him to resurface.

When you look at things, most of us figure that the waitress has to save for her college fund and her future life outside of Fawnskin…maybe that is why the price went up…or maybe it was just good business sense!

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