Fawnskin Fun & Frivolity

Locals crowded into the North Shore Cafe this afternoon. Too much coffee led to a variety of conversations. I happened in for a lunch break and discovered that the Fawnskin Festival is now under the helm of someone else.

This was good news to many locals. If you missed out on the chat–a valley resident (not a Fawnskin resident) was heading up the effort.

On the plus side, it was a great idea and has been a fun time for most people. On the down side many people would not participate because of previous experiences. I’ll save any further commentary on this.

This valley loves and appreciates its volunteers but the change is being well received in town.

My amble into the downtown area was “refreshing” and I had to come back for some old sunglasses because I didn’t want to be blinded by the snow reflecting the sun–which finally creeped out from behind the clouds a couple of times.

I am taking a short respite to give you this “breaking news”–it must be a great relief when compared to Anna Nichole stories. Puh-leese. I have turned the news off because of it. Is it slow in the news world? What about activities going on in the rest of the world? How about some human interest stories that highlight the good works of people helping others? I am certainly NOT interested in the private affairs of celebrities and am annoyed that they are making a circus out of the news. It just gets worse and worse…

Okay, enough of my rant…I am still working and procrastinating tackling the berm up on my parking pad…better get to it before it freezes…and now, back to work!

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