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Mark, the owner of Fawnskin Market, and I chatted the other day. Most of you know about the pipe that broke outside the Fawnskin Market during the freeze. Mark said that he was just up to supervise the stop and waste work so that doesn’t happen again. I didn’t ask about damage since I had heard it was outside of the building…anyway he got a whopping water bill of over $3400 because of the break which alerted them to the problem.

BTW if you water gushing out of a building or adjacent to it and don’t have the number to the neighbor–call the utility company right away.

After being run around by yet another one of the valley’s finest contractors (sarcacism in case you missed that) he has hired someone new. The plumbing insepection should have been completed yesterday (2-15-07) and the plan details requested by the county and CalTrans have been submitted so now it is a matter of waiting about another 6-8 weeks.

Letters have been sent out to all the neighbors and businesses for response regarding the ABC license change posting.

Hopefully, the market will be open before Mark’s year anniversary of ownership.

The town is pretty pissed off at the county, too. Not having a market and other new businesses open hurts the commerce area of downtown–not to mention that it also creates a bit of a hardship for some locals and visitors.

You know if I had a store front I would be steamed at the delays and increased cost factors facing today’s new business owners in the valley. I’ve yet to meet a new business owner anywhere in the valley who has not been fighting to meet regulation issues, upgrades, and other such matters. Usually, they have purchased an EXISITING, and operating business…How much lost revenue and additional expenses do new business owners have to survive to open these days?

No wonder this area is not known for being business friendly.

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