Fawnskin on O’Reilly Factor..errr sort of…Fawn Park

If you can catch the second play of O’Reilly Factor tonight you’ll see Shirley Jones talking about her career and the “controversy” over the now infamous Fawn Park. A brief mention of the 9/11 issue over the park is mentioned but not much else.

Hmm, they didn’t mention that the park has been closed since last July and has some nice new lettering to make sure everyone knows the park is closed. Those photos were absent.

Is anyone steamed yet?

Catch O’Reilly on FOX about 8pm PST. Want to comment email Bill at [email protected] or click here to visit the O’Reilly Factor Page

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One Response to “Fawnskin on O’Reilly Factor..errr sort of…Fawn Park

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    April Love
    February 24th, 2007 19:51

    The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy Is to Blame?

    I don’t watch the “O’liely Factor” because I get my real news from “Countdown with Kieth Olbermann.” (Oops! Guess Billo is going to send Fox security after me for saying “Keith Olbermann.”)

    But before Shirley “I Think I Love You” Jones blames left-wing nuts like me, she should remember this:

    When Marty was trying to get DWP to waive the $5000 water connection fee for his (private) public park he was turned down because the board felt it would be a gift of public funds to a private individual. (Boy, were they right?) Well … I figured the public funds created a public benefit (making the gift permissible under the law) and offered to appeal the decision for Marty. He accepted my offer, sent a nice fax thanking me for caring about (our) his little park.

    I asked that the decision be reconsidered. After a month with no reply, I cornered DWP General Manager Dottie Saville one morning before a DWP board meeting to find out why she had not responded. Swearing me to secrecy, Dottie took me into her office and showed me a nice framed, large black-and-white photograph of the board members that Marty had taken prior to making his request. Looking closely at the photograph, I realized why she wasn’t going to show it to the board members: Scribbled on the photo was a reference to Nazis and hanging.

    Case closed.

    If Marty (Dingles) Ingles thinks the DWP Board was full of Nazis that day, then I can understand how Shirley “Da Do Ron Ron” Jones must believe a vast left-wing conspiracy is responsible for her (public) private park being closed.

    But of course, those of us who watch Countdown with Kieth Olbermann know the real truth: Fawnskin Park is really a terrorist training camp thats fallen on hard times.