Fawnskin Says, "It’s All about the Money" after O’Reilly Factor Gets Locals Riled

This morning the local cafe was hopping and filled with irked residents over the short segment on O’Reilly Factor featuring Shirley Jones.

In a segment meant to cover “Another American TV Icon,” the “controversy” over Fawn Park was spun to look like it was the democrates against a republican…Fawn Park, the alleged community park, is actually held privately by the Fawn Park Corporation, and has been closed to residents, visitors, and donors since July 30th of 2006.

The Fawn Park was presented quickly at the end of the segment. Locals today said that the issue is NOT over the political party or the 9/11 memorial–most residents this morning said they were mad over two points:

1)Most residents are republican and were insulted by the comment that “controversy” was because Shirley Jones is a republican.
2)The issue is money–money people gave over for a “community park” and “parkland in Fawnskin” that remains off limits.

One resident said, “The impression was that the park was to be free, public and available to residents and visitors…”

Not only did individuals give of their time, talent, and money, but organizations did too. Recent ads placed to solicit funds to complete the 9/11 memorial have gone over like lead balloons.

In a letter to the editor of the Grizzly newspaper, one donor wanted to know if she had “sucker” written on her forehead.

How much did those ads cost anyway?

Now, since local support and goodwill has been lost it appears that the park owners are going to solicit nationally–we are happy to have our town mentioned on a national news show–but we are not happy about having our good nature being taken advantage of and to have hard earned money go to a project we were led to believe would be a gift to the community but in reality remains off limits to both residents and visitors.

Rumors are circulating that the indian in the park will soon sport a sign, “Indian Giver.” In response to that rumor, the “Fawnskin Five” have banded together at the back of the park fearing an uprise as this picture shows:

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