Homeowner Horrors, Heat Back On, Amangela’s

My poor neighbor got back up here to discover that his house had flooded…from the top story down. Most people I have talked to have experienced some challenge or another related to the cold. The bad thing is that the water has been running since our week of really cold weather–floor, dry wall, insulation, bedding, carpets…yikes!

Now, if Fawn Park were open the kids and residents playing there probably would have seen the massive quantities of water flowing down the hillside and could have alerted someone…

After a couple of spring warm days I’ve had to turn the heaters on again. Good, after all isn’t it still winter? Running around in short sleeved shirts is NOT what I expected.

Down the road Amangela’s has to go through another plan check, install a new water heater, and make some other ridiculous changes (but hey at least they are making progress), then they have a health department inspection to pass.

The place looks pretty good and they are putting in wireless internet. I stopped by this evening and was “forced” to sample some of the tentative menu items. The organic coffee will be standard and the espresso machine is waiting for Jim Dooley to give it a whirl.

Everyone is in good spirits and excited. They hope it is only a couple more weeks…so let’s hope they open by March.

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