Snow Storm Diappoints Locals

Well, there is still a 40% chance of snowfall today but it doesn’t look too promising out my window. Despite the forecasts warning of 12-36″ of snow…it looks like we got somewhere around three to four.

The wind over here seemed to blow it all over so parts of my deck are clear but it doesn’t look like we go anywhere near the forecasted amount. RATS!

I am scheduled to work from home today but if the roads clear and the storm really doesn’t continue I’ll be heading out in the afternoon. My practice is usually wait until the roads get a bit better.

In the past, I didn’t care what was going on. I’d be out in anything. Now I am more concerned with the drivers who go to fast and tailgate. From my perch I get to see a lot and enjoy the colors of the emergency vehicle lights as they reflect off the snow as they head over to haul someone out of a mess yet again.

TCs aka traffic collisions are big business around here.

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