Birds & Blooms

Wow, I saw a couple of pelicans up here last week. Meandering through my garden area I noticed that plants are peaking their heads up. It feels and sounds like spring. The birds are having big parties early in the morning and are waking me up.

My hope is that we still get hit by the famous March weather–the forest and lake need the water.

Despite the predictions, locals are not really weather experts. In fact, even the professionals get it wrong–case in point was the the last storm that was predicted to leave several feet of snow. Two smarta** locals talking at Grizzly Manor actually made the call more accurately–four inches was their guesstimate.

I am still a bit worse for wear but amazed at how many people told me they got the respiratory gunk and went sick for up to three weeks. Yikes!

I’m off to Bear Lake today. Send in your hot news or gossip…

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