Chill on the Hill…and the wild night life of Big Bear

This weekend the Riveria Broadcast Group arrived in Big Bear. Part of the reason they dropped in was because Big Bear would like to let Las Vegas know that Big Bear is not too far away.

How did I fit into this thing? Well, I got to join my best high school pal during the weekend…she is a vital part of the broadcast group–but we kept getting tossed out of businesses as they closed.

Now, since I stick close to home I don’t really register the lack of night life around here. For a resort town catering to Vegas dwellers it must have seemed pathetic.

The three teens that came up with my pal wanted to know what there was to do…hmmm, can you say Bowling Barn? Arcade? Movies?

As for the adults, I had to stress that they should get up here early before all the restaurants closed…most local establishment stop serving around 9pm. However we managed to get to one establishment who served later…but when they locked the doors we were feeling the pressure to leave by 10:30pm.

So, we figured we’d stroll down the street to a local bar…I arrived and grabbed a seat to find out that they were already closed.

Did I mention this was Friday night?

Not to be discouraged, we strolled up to The Pub. They closed around 11pm despite having a small crowd. We lucked out however, as they allowed us to visit while they began closing down.

Mind you we did not want to hit Chad’s or Murray’s so we ended up back at the hotel room.

Needless to say, my early morning came too fast and I hope they had a great time despite the lack of nightlife. They did enjoy the slopes and it was great catching up with old friends.

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