Dogs of Fawnskin

Hi, with less than a couple of weeks before my book is released, things have been hectic. In the meantime, I took a stroll and decided that I needed to do a “Dogs of Fawnskin” series. Many neighbors know all the creatures around town but if you don’t, this is for you!

Anyone know this happy guy? His name is Napoleon and he is a happy-go-lucky dog who lives down by Firestation 49. “Naps” can be seen waddling around with a pine cone in his mouth and a wiggling posterior.

I first met Napoleon when his fellow canine companion escaped and I found her on the bridge over Grout Creek. It didn’t take long to find her home and that is when I met Napoleon…he is always happy to see me and it was extremely difficult to get him to hold still to take a snap! As you see, mom went into the house and he asked me to let him in–so he could supervise mom’s cooking!

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