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Marty Ingles was spotted at the NS Cafe. He left a generous tips for the gals and added some new items to the park–a new address sign, a pirate, and some trash cans. The Fawnskin Five are now six…and have moved to new locations around the park. Word has it that they will be cemented in. BTW the baseball player was not stolen but taken home by Marty.

One of the locals was vocal in sharing that he thought that the park was a great addition to the town and was a nice break from some of the other properties that have not been maintained or brought up to code.

He said that he remembered the trash and people who decided they could camp on the lot that used to be there.

Fair enough–but others who pitched in the money and were led to believe that the park was for the community (and was supposed to be open to locals and visitors) don’t feel that way.

In case you were wondering…the park is still closed. Rumor is that it is insured so once again, the park comes up for discussion. Leave your comments below.

AND it would be nice if the park owner or his laborers would clean up the mess they left on the adjacent property when they built the stage as it is also a hazard. The mess has been there for ages.

Fawn Harbor
Last week Captain John returned from three weeks in Hawaii. You might not have heard, but as Kathy Campbell gets ready to retire at the end of the month, Fawn Harbor has been under scrutiny and has until the end of the month to meet the corrections outlined in the lease. Rumor has it that some of the corrections are above and beyond what similar establishments have.

Amangela’s got new cement flooring in the back area about two weeks ago and this weekend the gals were seen working around the place. I have to give them a jingle to get the latest but it looks like things are moving along.

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