Missed the Bus has new meaning in Fawnskin

People think I am clever because of all the smart a** commentary I do. The truth is that I don’t have to be–all I do is make up…errr…report stuff. Today is no exception. I think this will get filed under the Stupid Tourist Tricks.

I left Fawnskin early this am but soon got news of a tour bus that had high-centered itself on a road near my house. Not only did it get stuck and block the street but it also rendered useless highway 38.

Yep, blocked the highway. Big breaking news around here.

You know, I have to wonder about those tour buses and their drivers.

Remember the idiot who drove a bus load of tourists up here during a snow storm WITHOUT chains? The not only got themselves in trouble but also blocked everyone else who was traveling. Our local boys had to go out and rescue them and haul everyone out by snowcat.

What does all this mean? Don’t book a bus tour. I’d be really reluctant to tour by bus based on all the stuff I see around here.

I must be getting grumpier as time goes on. Now I think we should install a toll booth (I mentioned this idea before) so vehicles have to pay per tourist. This would help fund all the road work and keep traffic down. It could be called The Big Bear Toll Road.

Originally I thought we could bus people up from the bottom of the hill to help keep down the congestion, eliminate (no pun here) the dumped dirty diaper problem, and other obnoxious tourist behavior…

Locals could then have the option of swarming the buses and scare the poorly behaved tourists into better behavior. Maybe the threat of bodily harm would entice the more mannerly tourists to exert peer pressure.

Just think, this would also be the answer to those crazed speeders, the idiots who pass slower vehicles on a blind curve–crossing the double yellow line to do it.

Should I continue? Probably not…

Hmm, the idea sounds good but with all the bus driver antics of late…I am not so sure.

So, what do you think about a tram that comes up the hill–kind of like in Palm Springs?

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