Diversity in and out of Fawnskin

Once upon a time I was a snowcat operator–bet you didn’t know that–but it is true and I am full of surprises. Anyway, as an operator, spring was a pain for us trying to keep up the conditions at the ski resorts. Today from a non-ski industry business perspective the spring snow is pretty ideal. Why? we get the moisture but the roads are clear…my personal favorite is that there is little shoveling needed and no berms.

My favorite snow…on the trees but the roads are clear. (Below: Top photo is the last snowfall, below it is this storm.)

Anyway, the diversity in the weather blows your mind. I’ve been telling those anxious to get on with animal training and other spring activities to wait a bit–and am feeling a little smug that once again mother nature has proven that it is good to wait on such matters.

Those of us who have lived here a while know that the weather changes in a heartbeat this time of year. Locals are always prepared because they know that you can travel to the other side of town and find completely different weather. For instance, it was clear in Bear City but here in Fawnskin the snow blocked out the view of the ridge across from me for a while.

Anyway, just yesterday we were down in the desert…for some hot and dry weather. We finally stopped at that little place off of Indian–the market that advertises Date Shakes–yes they were good. I love the little vintage places you can find around the desert.

I have a couple of spots I tend to frequent. Instead of going to the local’s secret (it is gonna cost you to find out) we went to the old standard Desert Hot Springs Spa and Resort. I’ve been going there since I was a kid and people come from all over the globe to enjoy the mineral pools–it also is the best deal going regarding price…under ten bucks for day use.

My biggest secret in the desert is the Swedish massage for thirty bucks…I can share the info but it is really gonna cost you!

Anyway, I enjoy living here because we are so close to diversity in weather and environment. Head out to Vegas, the beach, the desert, or just hang around here–anyway you look at it you can pick and enjoy a variety of choices easily.

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