Eastside Book Cafe’s Book Events

Can you believe this snow storm?–my poor garden! Despite the weather, the book signing for Blessing of the Animals & What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality drew crowds.

Mountain Social links members came up from the surrounding mountain areas to support local member–GG! There were visitors from Orange County and Los Angeles who showed up after meeting me at the event yesterday so it truly showed how small this town is…big commute those seven miles or so.

Free flowing coffee, lively conversation, and good cheer filled Eastside Book Cafe for most of the day. Thanks to everyone who showed up and for their support on this blustery day! Special thanks to the crew at Eastside for their continued support of local artisans.

I never got around to posting this photo of Colin Nasseri and Sean Starr’s book signing–so I’ve included it below, too. You can also find Sean Starr(a local artist) here. You’ll notice Sean’s pic is outside. He was fortunate to have spring weather and tons of female fans seemed to flock to the event…the pic only shows a few.

BTW: If you are an artist Sean is forming a community studio and you should contact him about it.

Finally, in local news it sounds like Amangela’s is going to open around May 1st. Very good news. This am everyone was talking about the Fawnskin Renaissance…

Spring Snow Storm

Optimistic Daffodils

Some Members of Mountain Social Links

Colin, Sean & Book Event Fans

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