Hotbed of Activity in Fawnskin

Hi fellow Fawnskin fans! I’m baaaccckkkk. 😉 Just kidding but yes, GG is back in town. Geez, have things been bustling without me!

General Store in Fawnskin?
First, let me say that the General Store information you might have received is WRONG. The opening is TBA but it is true that it is going to happen–I have not seen the DBA yet and will let you know as I catch up with local tidbits…but I would caution you not to hold your breath as both Amangela’s and the Fawnskin Market can tell you.

Amangela’s Coffee House Opens May 1st
Speaking of Amangela’s–they are opening tomorrow at 6am until 6pm. Show up in droves to show your support. Try a coffee drink and snack and bring a friend or two. Be patient, remember it is their first day and there may be a glitch or two. The place features build your own sandwichs and salads but I don’t have the scoop on any early morning items–guessing they will have baked goods. They were filling out the menu boards as I was leaving. Below are a few snaps for those of you reading from out of the area:

Below: Amangela’s as viewed West bound out of Fawnskin

Below: Amangela’s frontage on North Shore Dr in Fawnskin

Below: Amangela’s has one of the best decks to enjoy the outdoors!

Below: Don’t miss the yummy espresso at the Amangela’s Coffee House in Fawnskin

Don’t drink coffee or espresso? Try some of the tea selection at Amangela’s

Trendy and comfy, Amangela’s also has one of the best fireplaces around for those cold winter days but in the summer you’ll love the great atmosphere!

NSIA Emergency Board Meeting
Next, there is an emergency board meeting of the North Shore Improvement Association on Thursday at 4:30pm. It is not clear if it is open to the members or not. Captain John, Reese Troublefield, and Rudy M.(can’t remember how to spell his last name–feel free to mention it in the comments if you want to help out) will be there. I believe the new president of Friends of Fawnskin has been invited as well.

The impact of what may or may not happen down at Dana Point Park & Fawn Harbor will have serious ramifications on the town of Fawnskin–on local businesses and on the local residents.

My understanding is that the NSIA board meeting is to get everything out on the table regarding the rumors related to the RV Park and Captain John’s Harbor. Also up for discussion will be issues surrounding Miller Park and the Pool Initiative.

Cleaning Up the Town
Speaking of cleaning up this town…Thursday AM all Fawnskin fans are invited to the “Garden Party” at the Fawnskin Post Office. This is not a social gathering but a work party to get the town’s garden cleaned up.

Having said that, I believe that the Fawnskin Clean Sweep is scheduled for Friday, May 18th. If you can come out and help clear up some of those cinders and debris it would be great!

Big Bear MS Walk Numbers
The final count is not yet in but the Big Bear MS Walk estimates are over $72,000! I’ll give you the numbers as I get them.

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