Shut Up the Fawnskin Flyer?

Since I have been scarce around town(about the past 2.5 months) and actually out of town for four days I found it funny that I returned to receive a few phone calls of concern.

It appears that one individual is unhappy with the Fawnskin Flyer and is going around calling me terrible names and attempting to get some sort of pressure out to shut me up. She is also saying everyone hates me and wants me to move out of the valley.


Those she complained to read the latest postings to the Fawnskin Flyer and called to ask me what I was hiding. Uh, nothing. Free advertising for an event is all.

So, I’d suggest she do a bit of searching and reading the First Amendment issue in the archives (we’ve already been down this road).

We are sure she has me confused with the local paper since the same person appeared in the Marty Ingles interview that appeared last week in the Grizzly. I’d suggest she have a chat with Ms. Bowers. (BTW: rumors that I participated in that interview with the Grizzly are untrue. I doubt the Griz folks even read the Fawnskin Flyer–or would quote a gossip rag without revealing their source.)

Anyway, a few things came up during the phone calls. First, rumors that the Fawnskin Flyer is affiliated with any other publication are untrue. Next, when I experience bad behavior from others I won’t put any further time or energy into the project or person. As I explained to a few people who were confused about that, “I don’t do drama.”

The upset person is hashing over my fundraiser and the local firefighter behavior. My response? Get a life and move on. You weren’t there, don’t know the story, and for crying out loud that was mid-December of 2006!

Here is what one local resident said in response to the rehashing, “Obviously there are some people who missed getting the parenting that taught that you say “please,” “thank you,” and “I apologize.”

So, let me help you out, the correct buzz should be “Thanks for raising money for our town and local organization.” If anyone else is still dwelling on this matter–get a hobby. It is old news and ain’t so interesting.

On that note, yet another local has been the recipient of bad behavior by a local Fawnskin resident who is also a board member of one of our local organizations. I have a suggestion for the angry board member: If you are going to behave poorly, to save face, avoid doing anything that would tarnish your reputation in public. The post office is _way_ to public of a place for things to be kept quiet.

This issue of poor behavior has surfaced before and has never been dealt with. So, the unprofessional behavior reflects poorly on the organization the person is connected to–and the behavior will probably continue until it is dealt with.

Let me just say the group is lucky I refrained from posting any of the fiascos and emails here online. Take that as a warning.

On other topics, I also heard that a few people think they know who runs Big Bear Politics–think again. You don’t know, trust me…I do…am I telling? No.

Many of you are lucky I don’t disclose more than I do–in fact, that is why I get more dirt now–people have figured that out.

Heh, heh…be nice to GG… 🙂

This just in about the Natural Heritage Foundation land issue. See the Grizzly for more info:

Dear Diane,(the person involved with Wildhaven)

The Big Bear Group of the Sierra was disturbed by the recent revelation in an article in the Big Bear Grizzly that Wildhaven was proceeding with the sale of 20 acres of the conservation lands on the south shore of Baldwin lake that you were awarded management of by the State Attorney General as a result of the demise of the Natural Heritage Foundation. We had been informed by Drew Feldmann of the San Bernardino Audubon Society that you were seeking ways to solve the financial problems that would preclude selling any of the conservation property. As a result, we had stepped back and taken a wait and see approach, encouraged by this sign of good faith.

Now Drew is confirming that the article in the Grizzly was correct. As you know, selling this land is breaking a commitment you made in your proposal when you sought management control of these assets, winning this assignment over a more qualified organization. Our goal is to see that the conservation land in the preserve remains intact..We have been in contact with an attorney and will ask him to intercede unless we hear immediately from you that information on the sale of this land is incorrect.

We are extremely disappointed at this development and will use every means at our disposal to see that the integrity of preserve is left intact as you pledged to the State Attorney General and the public.

Rush E Wallace
Chairman- Executive Committee
Big Bear Group- Sierra Club
PO Box 3064, Big Bear Lake, Ca. 92315
909 584 9407

Okay, that is it for now. Sadly, I am heading out again for a funeral of a cousin who unexpectedly passed on. I will be back for the weekend book events.

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