Drama Dog

You know animals are funny. I dropped by to check up on my pals this afternoon. When I arrived the dog immediately began whining and talking to me about her dramatic day. I listened and smiled.

I then affirmed that she had indeed experienced a traumatic day but also stressed that she needed to give up her hoovering around the docks and boat ramp. After all, bait left behind by careless fishermen usually has a hook embedded in the middle. We both said that we are sure she does not want to got through this whole thing again.

Drama dog…yep. Her owner even laughed as she watched the whole interaction play out. She said her precious pet did the same thing to her when she picked her up from the vet. Like a small child the do had to go over the WHOLE thing.

Anyway, all is well and I am sure the duo will both sleep very well after all the drama of the day.

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