Fawnskin Bathroom Basics

Living in the mountains is pretty simple. However when you add visitorsto the mix some pretty bizarre things happen. While we have our local toilet humor (see the archives for Dunkin’ Donuts comes to Fawnskin) there are some real issues.

For instance, potty mouth. In the past, it was considered good manners to mind what words you used. Today slang and lack of etiquette skills has created a whole mindset that it is fine to cuss in public…things have really gone to the toilet when you call your pals motherf***er, sh**head, bit**, and other assorted names.

Did it ever occur to any of those people that such language is offensive to some? Never mind the small children in the room…

By the way, I hate being called “dude.”

But I digress from my real message here which is to say that because of the vandalism to the nice public toilets in the triangle area of Fawnskin they will no longer be available. We will instead have three nice portable (and stinky) porta-potties.

If you wonder why merchants don’t let the public use their restrooms, check back in the archives for some other stories. Even the West Boat Launch has portable toilets despite the fact they have real facilities under lock and key–as does the East Ramp and the Rotary Park.

Yikes! Another idea for stupid tourist tricks and a toilet t-issue.

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