Gary’s Beef, Beans, & Beer to Open in Fawnskin

Okay, here is the scoop on the North Shore Tavern building: Gary Seymour (son of ron Seymour) intends to open “Gary’s Beef, Beans, & Beer” with a target opening date of June 15th. There is a hitch with the liquor license at the moment and so that is the current hang up.

Gary has been working at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to Ron the meals will be the old fashioned fare with pricing from $10-$14.95 per meal. That is all the news at the moment.

Regarding the past owners, no phone calls are being returned regarding the liquor license. The scuttlebutt around town is that an alleged lawsuit has been filed over funds given to Lakota’s. A couple thought to be investors/partners are now reported as only having loaned money to the business. So much for being neighborly.

Word on the sidewalks of Fawnskin is that the market opening has been delayed until July 4th now. However, I have not confirmed this with the owner yet. Per our last discussion he was optimistic that it would open in June.

Okay, that is all for now!

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