Hit n’ Run Kills Town Favorite

Speed Kills
You know we have all been pretty sick of the way people speed through town despite the posted speed limit of 25mph. Early Wednesday Barbara at the Gold Pan saw a speeding vehicle run over the town’s favorite cat, Milo without even slowing or stopping.

Milo, a big orange cat who has survived coyotes and other outdoor hazards for about seven years, was killed instantly. Barbara and Shaylee helped get his remains back to the owner…who was also the owner of the recently deceased Cleo. Needless to say, the household is upset–and Napoleon–the remaining dog is distraught.

The big concern has always been that the school bus and Marta (Mountain Area Rapid Transit Authority) load in that same area and concerns have been long expressed that someone will be killed there.

The response from county and state agencies on this issue has been that nobody has been killed yet…sounds like the same old thing that went on around the Maple Hill area of Sugarloaf and Big Bear City where those kids got creamed. Why wait?

I am still of the opinion that we should get a citizen’s patrol with the speed gun or a photo ticketing mechanism out there to snap and send tickets out to speeders.

Just think, it might be additional revenue to help maintain our roadways.

“Photo Enforced” seems to be a sad reality any more. Do people simply think they are exempt from following the rules or is it that they simply just don’t care or pay attention?

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