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Morning Scuttlebutt
Contrary to popular belief, there is always something happening around here in Fawnskin. Most of you know about the repainting of the highway lines. Big news around here…locals speculate that it may help disuade visitors from flipping u-turns over the double yellow line. I say, “don’t count on it.”

Locals are not too happy about the closure of the Arco station fuel pumps (the store is still open) since they had the most reasonable fuel around. Last night the lowest price was $3.68 so we laugh at the national averages being reported by the news. Not average here at all! No sir.

Oh yeah, just a reminder that the classic cars will invade the valley this weekend. They can be found in the village and then around 4pm on Saturday they will cruise around the lake…Moose Lodge 2085 has the best view if you are so inspired to visit Fawnskin to see them.

Speaking of the Moose Lodge, I just heard that one of the local businesses donated the design work for a t-shirt for the lodge. Some of us can’t be active like many of the other members but we do like to pitch in our talent when we can. Super thanks to Cindy for the gift. T-shirts will help raise funds for the lodge.

Anyway, into the morning adventures…

This morning during my amble (yes, I am at it again) I was visiting with a fellow Fawnskin resident at the West End Boat Ramp. During the visit her dog grabbed some bait–complete with hooks–and the drama began.

On a side note, the reason that many locals hate visitors is because of their darn careless and irresponsible behavior. Summer weather means fishing and boating which means abandoned fishing line and hooks which endanger not only kids, but the local wildlife and pets ambling with their owners. I’ll get into more during the next “Stupid Tourist Tricks.”

Anyway, I managed to get a peak into the throat of the thrashing canine to see that the hook had lodged in a fortunate location. Fortunate you ask? Yes, mainly because the hook would not enter any other cavities of the body. While I stuck my fist down the dog’s throat (not usually recommended, especially since this critter is a pit bull) to dislodge the bait, I asked the panicky owner to alert the staff and see if they could make a call to the local vet–mainly to redirect the woman from panic to action.

Time ticked away…so much for the rest of my walk…after instructing the pet owner and boat ramp staff on how to hold the dog, I hitched a ride from Mike (who lives up in the hills above the ramp) so I could retrieve the dog owner’s car. Once back at the ramp I again took over restraint of the dog and got the pet owner to sit on the rock.

We were waiting for emergency services since during my absence the boat ramp had called Fire Station 49 and the Lake Patrol for assistance. Staff was worried about the pet owner who had flushed red and had to be reminded to breathe.

Lake Patrol and the other boat ramp made sure that VCA was alerted to the emergency…and then the paramedics arrived. Somehow the message that went out through dispatch was that someone had a fish hook in their hand!

Finally, we loaded the dog into the car and headed to the veterinary clinic. During the trip I managed to get a slight dose of car sickness on the way to the vet! However that was a minor inconvenience but being cramped in the back seat restraining a dog on windy curves is not very fun…in case you wondered.

Once in the clinic everyone greet the dog–she obviously is well loved and a celebrity in her own right. All of the pup’s favorite staff members were there and happy to see that the filament was still attached to the hook–makes it easier to locate and remove the hook.

So as I write this, the critter is under sedation and the hook is being removed. The pet owner got orders from me (yes, I am a bossy animal person) to go take a long hot bath. Hopefully by the time she is done the vet will be done with the procedure and will call for her to pick up the critter.

Anyway, I have to question how people think nothing happens around here. We had a whole crew of Fawnskin residents and workers down at the boat ramp this am. Everyone did their best to help and we are thankful that neighbors and residents are always ready to assist versus all the visitors who were too busy getting ready to get onto the lake or to throw out another fishing line to get involved or offer any help.

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