RIP Cleo: Beloved Canine of Elsa & Tom

I received a very sad phone call from Elsa today regarding the loss of Cleo. You might remember that she was featured as the first dog of Fawnskin. The loss of anyone is horrific but over time we hope the fond memories will over shadow the pain.

I met Cleo on the bridge over Grout Bay. She had escaped from the yard and was out having an adventure. She didn’t really want to listen to reason but I finally got her to amble over to Fire Station 49 to get help from the guys. When I called Animal Control, they reported that she lived on the same street–and wouldn’t you know it was right next door!

When I came out of the fire station she was laying in her front yard. Needless to say I ordered her into the back yard through the side gate–after a short lecture about staying at home and not playing in the street–much less a busy highway.

Cleo was a very happy dog and very well loved. Rest in peace in the arms of the angels Cleo.

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