The Five Year Plan & Spy Seen in Fawnskin

Sharon and Abe are the new owners of the old hardware store near the West End of Fawnskin (next to Quail Cove). Sharon said they are on a five year plan and she will meet with Keith Rowe (local building inspector) for the first time sometime this week to find out just what hoops they have to jump through.

Currently plans are to establish a whole foods type market AND an artisans gallery. Handcrafted quality art and photography in a boutique/gift type atmosphere along the same type of feel as the North Shore Trading Company is what she is thinking. As far as the market goes, she needs to see what has to happen but would like to have a meat counter, quality produce, and other unique food items to offer the locals.

The couple has lived in the Cerritos area for a while but Sharon has a cabin in Crestline–and has been on the mountain in that capacity for a long while. Her husband is currently in Mexico as they closed a deal on some ranch land–his family has been cattle ranching for a long time.

The duo has five sons and the whole family got involved in property renovation and management so she says she expects the permit and plan process to be at least a year long.

Sharon has a passion for animals and has been taking portraits of pets and at rehabilitation centers for many years–her labor of love keeps her interested and happy.

Currently she is living on the premises and you might see her around town. She has shoulder length salt and pepper hair with bangs and wears rectangular glasses. Say hello if you see her.

Spy Reveals Himself at Amangela’s
I got to chat with Angela this am. Poor thing is really tired. The girls have only been open two weeks and have been swamped with only one day off in a month or so.

Due to the heavy traffic during the weekends they have hired three other people to help. Jaime you know, Tammy will join the crew this weekend, and I am not sure who the third person will be. Kudos to them for the great food and what great news that they are so busy they have to bring on more crew members.

They did have some coaching by a veteran coffee officiando this weekend and hope to get their espresso machine serviced soon so that you can enjoy the best brew on this end of the valley.

Someone showed up to torment Amanda the other day saying he was sent to spy on them. Hmm. Are any of you being naughty? If so, stop it.

While I was there last weekend during some of their insane rush hours a few visitors were poorly mannered. I hope everyone around here will remind each other and those with the “fast food” mentality that we live at a slower pace around these parts and prefer to be nice to each other…it keeps down the stress for all involved.

BTW: Grout Bay is now open as of yesterday.

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