The Truth about Fawnskin Market: Opening in June

Okay, the rumor about the Fawnskin Market being further delayed in opening is false.

I stopped by and ambled around the Fawnskin Market today and had a chat with Mark. There have been delays on getting the final inspection but he still hopes to be open by the first of June…with luck he might get open by Memorial Day weekend but don’t hold your breath.

Things still needing work are the handicapped access, some work upstairs, and then stocking the place. If you have any specific requests for product–post a comment and I’ll pass it on.

So far he has some great plans to meet the needs of locals, fisherman, campers, and other visitors. He also wants to celebrate with a grand opening celebration sometime in July.

Gosh, if all the businesses get opened this year we might be a happening place! Scuttlebutt is that the Fawnskin Chamber is planning a chamber mixer to draw people over to town to take a look at the businesses that are here.

Fawnskin Happenings
Today many of the Bear Valley residents from the other parts of the valley were hanging out here. Lots of visitors were out enjoying the lake–including some wood ducks and a loon (non-human).

I started my amble a bit earlier today since the lakeside plants are pollinating–guess the birds and fish will be at it shortly. I also heard one of the coyotes out near the den in Grout Bay–which BTW is still not open.

Speaking of sex…(in case you forgot that is what pollination and spring fever is about)…it turns out that the late Cleo (our dog pal) had a senior admirer–a Keeshond--you know, the grump up on Rim of the World.

Anyway, I got the scoop that he was making some pretty hefty advances at the ol’ gal. First he started courting her and dropping by to visit, THEN he got a little bit carried away!

Hmm, nice to know that you can still be sexy after reaching a ripe old age even if you had a hysterectomy and are carrying a few extra pounds.

No wonder the ol’ gal was always smiling…just kidding. But I have to say that the stories are a great way to go down memory lane!

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