Fawnskin Goes to New York

Okay, I am just back from New York—attempting to recover. I felt like a country bumpkin gone to the big city! I have lots to share but the first task is to recover from the journey home and non-stop activity…boy am I tired.

Highlights? Well, I got to meet my myspace.com friend Mignon Fogarty—whose podcast landed her a deal. I didn’t realize she was at BEA and was excited to actually connect in person.

Mignon also goes by GG so don’t get us confused! *snicker* GG was friendly and I loved her session filled with great tips and little known information about grammar. Imagine! Drop by and check her out.

I also got to meet Lindsay (director of A Place for Books) and learned a bit more about myspace.com and other communities. I am done with the book tour and will be embarking on a virtual tour in the next week or so now that my schedule is opening up. Still on the early learning curve.

After a panel with a bunch of radio producers, I saved the day during the panel with the producers of several large television shows such as GMA (Good Morning America), the Early Show, and the Today Show. Which made one producer ask me for the name of my new book, which I shamelessly yelled out. Anyway, I was unofficially dubbed “the techi” and at least might be remembered for that when pitching for segments!

One of the other great things about going to New York (there are many) is that I finally met my agent Sheree Bykofsky in person. She is a great advocate for me and a writer, too. Wouldn’t you know it, Dan from the RA has been attempting to lure her to Big Bear for a visit. Small world.

One of the big highlights of the trip was to meet my favorite author, Mary Alice Monroe. I am not one to get really excited over celebrities or notable people but I was _so_ excited to meet her finally. She is keynote speaker at a conference this fall so I might try and arrange my visit with my family around the same time and tie the two trips together.

Mary Alice Monroe combines conservation messages within her books and I was delighted to discover her a few years ago. Her most recent book, Swimming Lessonsis a sequel to the first book I read of hers The Beach Houseand takes me back to my very early days working as a naturalist for the Cabrillo Beach Marine Museum (now aquarium).

Be sure to check out her website and links for information on how to help birds of prey, sea turtles, and to get the latest information on what she is doing. The great news is that she will release a children’s book on sea turtles this fall and it is GORGEOUS.

I have to say that I also caught my first
Broadway Play—Spring Awakening.
It was so fantastic that is left me breathless. The audience laughed and embraced the cast—you can catch a glimpse via video on their website (or below but it does not compare to the live version) and look for them to perform at the Tony Awards 2007 next week.

Here is a snap of me with cast member Lea Michele from Spring Awakening(Mecla)

Hope to chat again soon with some hints and tips for bargains in Manhattan…in the meantime I am trying to recover!

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