RIP: Beatrice Olguin

Yesterday was tough because when I began to return some of the calls that had piled up during my trip, the very first one informed me that my aunt, Beatrice Olguin passed away.

*sigh* I’ve hit an age now where people are dying in increasing numbers. In a three month period 2005-2006 eight people I knew passed away.

All I can say is that it sucks.

It is not that I worry about their passage because I believe we leave our bodies for another realm. But the grief process is hard. I worry about my friends and relatives. I cry until my eyes swell shut or turn horribly red. Nothing makes the process easier.

My auntie Bea was the one who took all of us kids under her wing during an especially ugly time during our lives. My aunts always provided the mothering we never really got. Today all of the families are spread out but we were blessed with having a whole village to raise us. I think we are all better people because of it.

I don’t have many memories from childhood because I blocked them. However, the few that I do have involve big family gatherings with my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. I no longer see them often but we have the strong family love that seems to endure through the passage of time.

When I last saw my aunt she looked like her mother in the older years, her body was withering but her eyes twinkled brightly and she was good spirited.

I intend to head out for the service this weekend–not that I like those services but what I like to hear are the stories. The stories that tell about our lives. They reveal who we are at the core. They highlight the good.

Bea was really good.

As I head out to the town where I was born I know that the one thing I can look forward to is the stories and they will be fun and uplifting during a very sad time.

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