Burros Back–They Never Left!

Remember that I mentioned that the animals would be coming down for water? Well, in this record heat (97 in the shade on my deck yesterday) people have been reporting more animals doing so.

In the midst of this, I keep hearing that the burros are back. Many of you might remember when lots of the beasts were rounded up and taken out of here. However, not all were removed. These creatures are not indigenous to the area and actually create concerns above and beyond the ecosystem–people tell me they are worried about other things such as traffic hazards and property damage.

Anyway, there has been a large herd outside of Hamilton Estates since the bulk of the burros were removed. Before all the development happened back there you could hike and encounter animals of all types since there was a spring that fed a couple of small pools out there.

Unofrtunately, new land and home owners have capped the spring and fenced the place up so that the local wildlife (and other creatures like burros) can no longer get a drink.

There is a lot of speculation over the burro population but here is the USDA Forest Service explanation

Stay cool.

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2 Responses to “Burros Back–They Never Left!

  • 1
    July 7th, 2007 19:35

    I assume you are talking about that adorable restaurant that looks like magical mushrooms in Big Bear City. Madlon’s, I believe. My dear, you must expect bad service and lousy food when you pay those kind of prices in Big Bear City.. We ‘East Enders’ know better.. guess it’s time for you ‘Fawnskiners’ to catch up. Tell your HM to next time follow his stomache, not his heart when it comes to feeding time.

  • 2
    July 9th, 2007 11:29

    :-0 How did you guess? You know we keep trying to get it right in support of our fellow merchants…but I kinda think it is like clicking the mouse over and over again and not getting a different response…futile. *snicker*