Fawn Park Closure: 1st Year Anniversary

This year’s Fawnskin Festival celebration will mark the year anniversary of the closure of Fawn Park. Community residents and other supporters are not happy that the park has remained off limits to visitors and residents alike…especially since the funds donated were done so under the understanding that the park was to be usable by the public.

Recent additions to the park (other than the closed signs) include two rocks with American flags emblazoned on them.

The Fawn Park movie props now number six since the pirate was added.

To prevent theft, the movie prop figures have been set on cement slabs with bolts driven through the bases and one foot.

Feelings of disgust were shared among residents after the female park owner appeared on the national show, O’Reilly Factor asking for more funds (see other posts for the details). Here is another pitch for money shot earlier this year on Fox News:

What I find interesting is that the Shirley Jones website solicits donations NOT to the Fawn Park Corporation (which is the non-profit) but instead states:

Donations to the 9/11 Memorial at Fawn Park should be sent to
Shirley Jones @ Suite One Prods. – 4531 Noeline Way, Encino, Ca. 91436 Please make check or money order out to Suite One Productions – Memorial Donation.

Although most locals view her as more amiable than the male owner, at least one person witnessed her standing outside of the park with her hands on her hips allegedly expressing displeasure at the trespassers who had entered the park.

Also, when the film crew came up from Fox News earlier this year, locals were upset that they were asked to come down to Fawn Park to show their appreciation to the park owners for the lovely Fawn Park—-which had been closed to residents for at least ten months.

Click here to see the 2004 501(c)non-profit tax filing notes which says “The organization leased a half acre parcel and developed the property into a community park that would otherwise have been developed commercially…” and in the statement of an organizations primary exempt purpose states, “To develop and maintain parkland in the community of Fawnskin, California.”

Locals love the park and think it is a great addition to the town of Fawnskin. The displeasure is over the fact that the park remains closed and the park owners continue a PR campaign that ignores the fact that it is off limits to everyone in town and to those who visit the area.

Above: Despite the closed signs and barrier fencing, visitors have been removing the barriers to enter the park.

The Fawn Park closure is allegedly over an impasse over a personality clash with one individual that isn’t even a Fawnskin resident.

In a letter a Fawn Park Corporation representative states that he intends to dissolve the park to private parties and mentions a press release–which was actually just an email sent out by the non-Fawnskin resident.

The “local ladies” he refers to were the ones who actually got the same non-resident to retract any statements she emailed and were/are representatives of the major membership groups of Fawnskin. All of these people have worked to get this matter resolved for a long time…to no avail.

A meeting with the park owners is planned for this Wednesday, July 25th. We shall see if anything new pans out over this week before the Fawnskin Festival which will be the year anniversary of the closure.

As I usually say, don’t hold your breath.

Rumors are that some residents are planning to leave dead plants and flowers outside of the park gate to celebrate the anniversary of the closure–and that other residents will picket the park with “Indian Giver” signs. Both rumors are unsubstantiated…but we shall see.

To read past stories of Fawn Park at the Fawnskin Flyer use the search box to your upper right. You can read this post about when Fawn Park was featured on the O’Reilly Factor or check this which contains many of the links here about Fawn Park.

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5 Responses to “Fawn Park Closure: 1st Year Anniversary

  • 1
    July 23rd, 2007 09:25

    This is obviously just some kind of tax dodge scam. Why doesn’t somebody just call the IRS and get them out of there. And as to the “community” park, instead of relying on the charity of celebrities, if the Fawnskin residents really want a park why don’t they get together and buy their own!

  • 2
    July 23rd, 2007 16:30

    The Park is so beautiful. It’s terribly sad the communication has broken down. I hope a resolution can be found and apologies spread all around in the near future. Makes you wonder what the real victims of 911 would think knowing such ugly feelings reside in their honor…

  • 3
    July 23rd, 2007 19:39

    Now they’ve bolted the Fawnskin six to concrete by driving bolts through their feet!? Oh the plot thickens here! I have come to the conclusion that the powers that be, with all their fences and signs, aren’t trying to keep us OUT of the park we helped pay for. No…they’re trying to keep the Fawnskin Six IN! Has anyone ever done a background on the Indian, the Policeman, etc.? I’m not positive but I think I saw that pirate recently on America’s Most Wanted! virkquz

  • 4
    July 24th, 2007 07:24

    Hmm, prisoners in the park…

    Yes,it is sad that the park is closed but the communication break down is on the park of the park owners not the community. Because we all know each other I think people bend over backwards to accommodate each other around here.

    On that note, there have been people who have threatened to call the Attorney General on the matter.

    My last word is that it is their park and they should abandon the 501(c) if they are not going to honor the original statements they made to the community.

    The community has several other parks–and the Don Conroy Memorial Park was started after the Fawn Park fisco–partially with the intent of developing a true community park without all the PR bulls**t and sans the “hostage holding” that some people think is going on.

  • 5
    July 24th, 2007 15:08

    What would the owners do if this weekend the closed signs were mysteriously removed and the park was open and full of people for the Festival? Just curious…