Fawn Park: Heat Rises & Tempers Flare

Well, remember I told you not to hold your breath? I hope you listened to me.

As I expected, the meeting with the park owners was a disaster.

In good faith, Fawnskin leaders and residents attended a meeting with the park owners (aka Fawn Park Corporation officer and wife) to discuss the year long closure of Fawn Park. The goal was to find a way to get Fawn Park reopened. The park is held by a non-profit corporation but has not been open to residents or members of the public for a year.

However, that has not stopped national fundraising pleas—with an alleged cry of political discrimination as to why support and funds are not being given.

Hmm, could the political issue really be because the Fawn Park Corporation representative called the Marine Color Guard a bunch of gorillas last year? I’d say that is more likely the reason because it is an insult to every enlisted man and woman, every relative of those serving this country, AND every veteran.

Fawnskin residents know that Fawn Park has been held hostage due to an old fashioned feud between an officer of the corporation and a Big Bear resident–plain and simple.

Keeping with his general bad manners, the Fawn Park Corporation officer “happened “ to have brought to the meeting a colander full of checks as an example of how money is being sent in from all over the nation—and accusing Fawnskin and other Big Bear residents of failing to give money.

Okay, so let me get this straight. They have spent $93,000 of their own money because no money is coming in but a bowl full of checks is sitting on the table? By the way, to whom are those checks made out to—Fawn Park Corporation of Studio One Productions?

Above: Give me yer money!

To say that Fawnskin has not been supportive of Fawn Park is a joke. The problem lies not with Fawnskin–and let me just say as a Fawnskin resident who knows the people who gave of their hearts, their labor, and their hard earned money…*snip* edited out due to bad language.

Could it be that those who initially gave money feel duped? And that since they live in town and know that the Fawn Park has been closed and off limits to everyone that they don’t see the point in giving any more money. Could it be that those sending in money from around the nation don’t know that little morsel of truth?

So I have to ask, since the park has remained off limits for a year just why should anyone give money to a private playground?

I personally have heard of locals who recently sent in funds despite the park closure. We still wonder how much money went into the ads soliciting funds for Fawn Park…

Above: If you enter I will have to arrest you–wait, I am confused–you gave money to the park?

While I am on that tangent, has the valley paper EVER printed any of the stuff really going on around this issue? (A local reporter was at the meeting–so it will be interesting to see if anything appears.)

It is laughable to hear that the park corporation officer continued to use the phrase, “our” park. So, whose is it exactly? The community “our” or the private “our?”

Above: I HATE the term, Indian Giver!

Locals were miffed that although he is an long term property owner, he suggested to locals that they should have a monthly meeting…anyone around these parts ever hear of the North Shore Improvement Association meetings held on the second Monday of every month?

None of the full-time residents will be surprised to find that the Fawn Park Corporation officer also used profanity and called our community leaders and residents names.

To say the temperature was rising in Fawnskin is an understatement—perhaps that is why we got such a good douse of rain—to help cool things off!

Above: I was told I needed to help cool things down…

Finally, a majority of those who attended left in disgust as they realized what a waste of time the reconciliation attempts were—those who stayed behind were lucky they only wasted an hour and a half at the meeting.

Believe it or not, the Fawn Park owner was seen sitting alone in the park after the meeting enjoying his private playground–and so for now Fawn Park will remain closed.

Above: I can’t believe I landed in this war zone!

A few people have tossed out ideas for the Fawn Park owners:

Enough already! Put together some fund raising concerts and use that stage. You can collect money or donations to attend from those efforts.

Residents should get a full sized photo of the Big Bear resident the park owner wants to lynch and have a punching bag made so that the park owner can beat it up and take out all his frustrations on it.

Above: Just let ’em duke it out and git it over with!

If you have any other comments…leave them below…just be sure to keep out any profanity or they won’t get posted!

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One Response to “Fawn Park: Heat Rises & Tempers Flare

  • 1
    July 27th, 2007 12:22

    The owners of this “park” are from Hollywood. As anybody from Hollywood knows, EVERYTHING from Hollywood is a fake. This “park” is nothing more than a prop for a money making production for the producers of this farce. Promised a cut of the proceeds, the Fawnskin residents ended up as just unpaid extras.